A New Breed Of Food Truck

Inspired by the rustic cuisines of classic farmhouse kitchens, Mastiff Sausage Company aspires to cook foods that are not only comforting and commonly enjoyed, but also healthy and wholesome.

We use locally-sourced ingredients, and our own garden whenever possible.

Our Sausages

California’s Finest Sausage In America’s Finest City

Mastiff Sausage Company offers a variety of fresh craft sausages, all of which, are made in-house. These sausages mirror the seasons as their individual ingredients are picked based on ripeness and availability. All of the meat used in our sausages is the “freshest, most sustainable, humanely farm-bred and raised, top-of-the-line, handcut product” we can find.

Our sausage production begins with whole animals and/ or whole cuts of meat. From there, we season the meat, followed by grinding and mixing the sausage in preparation for stuffing. Once stuffed, our sausages are vacuum sealed and primed for enjoyment.





Our Garden

We believe the most fundamental aspect in cooking is the quality of ingredients.

Growing a garden of our own not only affords us fresh ingredients, but also furthers our culinary education while providing us a deeper appreciation of food.

Our garden produces a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We take pride in producing our own mustards, sauerkrauts, pickles, and preserves.

Though we are unable to supply ourselves with all the products we use, building the garden and growing our own food has literally connected us to the farm-to–table philosophy.